Sharin’ Hood….’cause sharing is good!


Sharin’ Hood is all about simplicity, power and efficient management all in a lite package – a file sharing client developed for the most demanding p2p user but also for an inexperienced user.
This application borrows the best features of its peers to which it adds some spicy, new options, a fresh look and an overall better performance. With Sharin’Hood you can easily download content from different networks simultaneously which means less time spent looking for a certain file and more chances to quickly grab it from other peers who are using BitTorrent, Gnutella2, Gnutella or eDonkey networks.

Sharin’Hood returns your search results with extreme speed – just double-click a result and the download will start instantly. Wasting time with a corrupted file or simply with a poor quality one is someone any p2p user deeply dislikes; that’s why we have included a built-in media player with which you are able to preview what you are downloading.

The download queue is automatically managed but the app also lets you operate it manually if you choose to and change the status of files yourself.

sharin-hood-screenshot-300x272One of the best attributes of Sharin’Hood is its file-management system, an excellent way to keep your hard drive tidy and easily manage your library. You can always opt for the best configuration of the program according to your needs due to a flexible Settings Manager.
Visually, the program keeps things neat and clean – a well organized interface with an uncluttered structure and clearly arranged icons; everything is in the right place. There’s an upper tool bar which shows network connections, tools, views, and help documentation and a lower graphical toolbar which makes your most common tasks with the app simple and enjoyable – it includes “home”, “library”, “media player”, “search” or “transfers”.

Sharin’Hood’s Key Features:

– Compatible with multiple P2P networks! (more sources to find what you’re looking for);
– Amazing file-managing system;
– Clean, intuitive interface;
– Fast searching
– Multiple result tabs (you are presented with a new window for each search)
– Highly developed file-hashing;
– Built-in media player (you can preview any file you are downloading to make sure it is indeed what you want);
– Integrated IRC Chat Channel – to also share thoughts and opinions with other users;







Sharin’Hood is perfectly safe to install and use – it hides no malware or adware!

NOTE: Sharin’Hood is a file sharing software that uses the core structure of Shareaza. It does not hide any additional malicious software!