SpeedLord – Universal P2P Accelerator

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SpeedLord supports all popular p2p clients: it’s a powerful downloading optimization module for Limewire, Shareaza, Bearshare, Vuze, eMule, Bittorrent, BitComet, uTorrent, Frostwire, Ares, and more.

SpeedLord is an all-around acceleration patch no file sharer should go without! The application is very light, very simple in design, and very easy to use – basically you just install it and then run it without intervention as it automatically interacts with whatever file sharing program you have installed to boost the latter’s general performance.

  • It will maximize your download experience – SpeedLord can push the download speed up to 200% and employs various features described at the end of this presentation.
  • It’s extremely convenient – in case you can’t make up your mind and stick to one particular p2p client or are just bored with your current one and want to switch to a different app, you don’t need to do the same with your download accelerator since it is compatible with any of the clients you may choose. SpeedLord remains loyal no matter what program you opt to download with – INSTALL IT ONCE AND USE IT ALWAYS!
  • It’s easy to use – so easy even a 6-year-old could handle it!
  • It’s FREE! – That’s right, SpeedLord is freeware offered by P2PHOOD (‘cuz we love open source and free software!) – no hidden catch.
  • It’s totally CLEAN! – We guarantee our products are safe to use and present NO danger of malware!


SpeedLord’s features offer:

Compatibility with all major Bittorent p2p clients; Download speed enhancement with up to 200%; User-friendly interface; Determines bandwidth available for your connection; Interrupted downloads automatically resumed; Automatically performs checksum check up to avoid invalid downloads; Fixes connections problems in Windows XP; Acts as optimizer for TCP/IP settings; Opens correct local/router ports; Uses system tray icon Saves and auto loads configuration from last run at system start-up; Offers support for all MS Windows Platforms, including Win7 & Win8

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